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Cooking over a wood fire, an Anna's Eats event
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Ready for an encounter with fire?

In a highly urbanized, goal-oriented, productivity-driven world, we have lost our connection to our intuition and wilderness, but also to our community.

Taking the time to cook together over a wood fire in nature and feeling the energy of the fire helps us reconnect with our authenticity and rediscover the pleasure of creating bonds with people who share the same taste for nature and discovery.

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Nature and connection

To reconnect with the simplicity of everyday life and travel to your inner lands


I am Anna

I think I fell into a pot on a campfire when I was a kid! Since then, I've been cooking: for me, my family, my students, my friends. At the stove or at the campfire, my wish is to value the ingredients that I find around me. 

Three things can get me up in the middle of the night:

The smell of the mountain meadows in summer
Everything that tastes smoky, except fires
Reading crime novels that talk about cooking
Anna Décosterd, creator of Anna's Eats

My journey

I was born in northern Poland, spent my childhood in Morocco and my adult life in Switzerland. These different cultures have inspired my vision of the world and my cooking of course!

It is my passion for nature, the quiet simplicity of everyday life and the recipes that make you smile that you will find on my site.

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Organization of culinary events in kind

Product presentation and evaluation

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I recommend this culinary experience! I not only spent a super day in nature, but I also shared a delicious feast with passionate and inspiring people! Thank youuuu
I couldn't have spent this Sunday in better ways, the experience is so enriching and inspiring, everything is very well organized on the timing level, pace, workload, recipes (all organic and local ingredients!). I truly recommend this workshop for singles, couples, families or work teams !
I had a wonderful experience thanks to Anna. We were a small group. We lit and tended the fire and then cooked our meal from appetizer to dessert. We laughed a lot and learned a lot... Gathered around a nice table, warm in a cabin, we ate together and shared a wonderful moment. It was as if this experience around the fire had created an unexpected complicity between us...
Thank you!! I cannot wait to do it again! 
A big thank you Anna for granting us the privilege of participating in this first culinary experience of campfire cooking ✨what else can be said but to let yourself be tempted by this extraordinary and timeless culinary experience. What joy!
That was just an amazing experience, we will remember for a long time! Open fire cooking is a delightful method of preparing your meals, which takes you out of the kitchen, is far more attractive and social, and produces tastes your stove never could!