My journey

I was born in northern Poland, spent my childhood in Morocco and my adult life in Switzerland. These different cultures have inspired my vision of the world and my cooking of course! Above all, they have given me a taste for discovery, contact with others and an inner strength based on adapting to life's movements.

Today, I am the creator of the "cooking on a campfire in the great outdoors"experiences, a teacher of nutrition education, and a self-taught cook with a passion for cooking and culinary photography. These different activities reflect my professional and private background: I worked for several years as a project manager in human resources and developed in parallel my passion for cooking and photography.

I am also an outdoor enthusiast; a family heritage thanks to my nomadic parents, but also and above all a passion for the mountains and their way of life, an essential component of my balance.

On this site, it is a little of this life journey that you will find throughout the pages: recipes tested and approved by my family, (always hungry but never compromising on quality) outdoor cooking events and finally my taste for transmission in a good mood!

Follow my culinary (and other) adventures on my Instagram account, come join me to cook a menu together over a fire pit, or else, write me a message, just to say hello. I will always be happy to hear from you.

White sauce, dill and chicken balls 🐓🇵🇱A simple little dish, a recipe for those days when the weather’s a little gray, and you can’t say no to a little comfort.The secret ingredient, the one that changes everything, is dill. Its spicy, peppery flavour adds energy to the sauce, which might otherwise seem a little bland. Dill smells like the gardens of my childhood. It evokes the smell of wet earth, fresh grass and cucumbers.  It reminds me of my mother’s gentle smile, as much as my grandmother’s bubbling energy. A dish of childhood and sweet nostalgia, to be found in my “Stories to cook” membership, with three other polish family recipes and my grandma’s culinary spectacle. #recipe #familytime #familykitchen #dill #chickenballs
Any sh*t cake stories here ?Have you ever found yourself swimming through endless recipes, desperately trying to pick one before dinnertime ticks closer?Tried a recipe from the internet, only to end up with a total disaster because the instructions were as clear as mud?Ever had that frustrating moment of trying to remember where you saw that tantalizing recipe that promised to impress the whole family?If any of this sounds familiar, you're definitely not alone.Even for a seasoned cook like me, Christmas brought its own culinary comedy. A Yule log recipe from the internet turned out more like a 💩 burrito, much to my children's delight (little demoniacs; I love you). I had to restart from scratch... creating my own recipe. But fear not, in joining Stories to Cook, my new culinary membership you're not just gaining recipes; you're joining a community steeped in laughter, camaraderie, and generations of culinary wisdom. So, come join us on this delightful culinary adventure, where every mishap is but a stepping stone on the path to culinary greatness! Ready to cook up some stories together? Tap the link in my bio#CookingFails #CulinaryComedy #KitchenHumor #RecipeFails #FamilyCooking #CulinaryCommunity #CookingWisdom #ThreeGenerationsOfCooking #KitchenAdventures #FoodieFun #storiestocook
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FROM KITCHEN NIGHTMARES TO CULINARY DREAMSMy cooking journey began at 15, trying to help my mom with family meals. It wasn't always fun, but I decided to flip the script and make cooking exciting! Experimenting with new cuisines and inspired by my mom's fusion cooking, I launched my food blog, "My Sweet Mouette", in 2016.  Now, I'm inviting you to join me on a new culinary adventure! Let's create a foodie community where we can share cherished family recipes and kitchen stories. 🥘💕 Join my new membership “Stories to cook” and let’s dive into the magic of family cooking adventures.Link in my bio. #cooking #recipes #storiestocook #foodie
"Nature's Culinary Harmony: Outdoor Cooking & Herbal Tea Workshop 🌿✨ Join us for an unforgettable outdoor cooking experience, where culinary delights meet the magic of nature's remedies! 🌲🌺 Alongside our cooking sessions, I'm thrilled to offer you intuitive herbal tea workshops, where we dive into the soothing world of herbal blends and a bit of mindfulness. Whether you're a seasoned tea connoisseur or just starting to explore, you will prepare a tea based on your intuition, tailored to nurture your soul and ignite inner joy. Have you delved into the art of crafting herbal teas before? Share your stories or tag a friend who'd relish in this enchanting experience! 🍵This experience isn't just an event; it's a path to a happier, more connected and relaxed life. Join our community of outdoor and culinary enthusiasts, unwind from daily stress and meet likeminded souls.Next dates: 21 April and 26 MayVenue: Refuge des Râpes in the Vaud countrysidePrice: CHF 220.- all included: (menu with fresh local and sourced ingredients, local wine, activities, a choice of fresh and dried herbs for the tea) #OutdoorCooking #HerbalTeaWorkshop #MindfulMoments
What does shadow mean to you? As the indispensable companion of light, shadow is for me the grace of ephemeral eternity. On a wall or on a plate, it suddenly transforms the banal into the unexpected, offering us the very best that life has to offer: the beauty of the present moment. I wish you a weekend filled with light and shadow. Visit Anna's Eats to explore possibilities to live the present moment around a fire pit, cooking with family, friends or perfect strangers. If you have any questions, just drop me a line, I'm always happy to chat. #presentmoment #shadow #outdoorlife #italianfood #italia
🌸🍰 Embracing Nature's Sweet Symphony! 🌲🔥Picture this: a slice of decadent flowery cake, enjoyed amidst the tranquil embrace of the woods, its delicate aroma mingling with the scent of crackling wood in the fire pit. This, my friends, is the epitome of culinary magic in the great outdoors.There's something truly enchanting about indulging in a slice of cake infused with the essence of spring blooms, surrounded by the symphony of nature's melodies. As the flames dance and flicker, casting a warm glow upon our gathering, we're not just cooking on a fire pit – we're forging connections, creating memories, and nourishing our souls with every bite.But it's not just about the food; it's about the company we keep and the moments we share. It's about coming together with like-minded souls who share our passion for good food, great conversations, and the beauty of the natural world.So, let's escape the chaos of everyday life for a day and immerse ourselves in the tranquility of the forest. Let's savor the flavors of the season, connect with nature, and revel in the simple joys of good company and delicious food. Together, we'll create a day to remember, filled with laughter, love, and the sweet symphony of spring. 🌿🌼 Next date: 21 AprilVenue: Refuge des Râpes in the Vaud countryside Price: CHF 220.- all included (menu, activities, beverages)All info on the website#OutdoorDining #NatureLovers #FoodieAdventures #outdoorcooking