My journey

I was born in northern Poland, spent my childhood in Morocco and my adult life in Switzerland. These different cultures have inspired my vision of the world and my cooking of course! Above all, they have given me a taste for discovery, contact with others and an inner strength based on adapting to life's movements.

Today, I am the creator of the "cooking on a campfire in the great outdoors"experiences, a teacher of nutrition education, and a self-taught cook with a passion for cooking and culinary photography. These different activities reflect my professional and private background: I worked for several years as a project manager in human resources and developed in parallel my passion for cooking and photography.

I am also an outdoor enthusiast; a family heritage thanks to my nomadic parents, but also and above all a passion for the mountains and their way of life, an essential component of my balance.

On this site, it is a little of this life journey that you will find throughout the pages: recipes tested and approved by my family, (always hungry but never compromising on quality) outdoor cooking events and finally my taste for transmission in a good mood!

Follow my culinary (and other) adventures on my Instagram account, come join me to cook a menu together over a fire pit, or else, write me a message, just to say hello. I will always be happy to hear from you.

Is all this beauty real?This question was put to me by an annoying one, busy scrutinizing my profile picture. Stupid question, I thought.But it stuck with me... Finally it's an interesting one.When I take a photo of these landscapes, is it reality that I want to convey, or the emotion that sometimes makes me want to shout out my joy? I don't know if what I see is real. It's what my heart sees anyway. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me. 🏔️📸🏔️Toute cette beauté est-elle réelle?Cette question m’a été posée par un importun, occupé à scruter ma photo de profil . Question stupide, me suis-je dit.Mais elle m’est restée…au fond, elle est intéressante.Lorsque je prends une photo de ces paysages, est-ce la réalité que j’ai envie de transmettre ou l’émotion qui parfois me donne envie de hurler ma joie? Je ne sais pas si ce que je vois est réel. C’est ce que voit mon cœur en tous cas. J’espère que cela vous apporte autant de joie qu’à moi. #mountains #chalet #wintervibes #landscapephotography #mistyday #switzerland #naturepeace #naturejoy
Do you have anxiety disorders? Never! Sorry, but you're probably lying. According to the latest scientific studies, the lack of an in-depth relationship with nature has a direct effect on our mental well-being, by reinforcing our tendency to rumination and other anxieties.This is while 50% of the world's population now lives in urban areas. By 2050, experts predict that this figure will have risen to 70%. Do the math. At some point, you'll be one of them. All it takes is 90 minutes a day in nature (that's an hour and a half, all the same) to calm down, stop ruminating and stop worrying. So on the face of it, it's easy, as long as there's a green space near you. But there is a catch. Yes, there's always a 'but'. An hour and a half's walk is a long time. Especially if the park is small. Sometimes it's cold, or even raining, and frankly, it's discouraging. Besides, is a park really enough? I haven't always lived in the city and I've also felt this lack of contact with nature. Missed the conversation with the wild side of things. Missed this experience that disconnects the mind for a moment to allow instinct and the body to take control.I ended up creating a method that allowed me to reconnect in depth, and I wanted to share it with you. Feel like unplugging is what you mostly need right now? Join me for a wood-fired cooking experience in the woods.Next date: 3 December in a hut near Valbroye, a tiny village in the Vaud countryside.I don't know if we'll have snow on 3 December. But in any case, nature, fire and me will be there for you. It will be relaxing and fun at the same time.Info and registration in the bio#outdoorcooking #outdoorinspiration #together #unforgettable
Hello November!First rainy days and first anxieties? A few years ago, I hated November. The city all grey, the people all grey, the fog all grey... aaargh! The blues. Perhaps age has made me more of a philosopher, but above all, I've got back in touch with what's essential for me. Here's my joie de vivre prescription: 🌳Observe nature. Look, it's bright, November...🏔️Climb to higher altitude. The energy of the mountains would raise me from the dead!🥘 Eat orange foods. Persimmons, squash and tangerines offer us their luminous joy.Obviously, it's best to cook and eat them outside. So, thanks Doctor Anna, or should I go back to bed? Tell me all about your joie de vivre tips, I'm always so curious! Do you really want to change your mind about November? Come and cook with me in the woods. There's still time to enjoy the season! 🍂🍁🍂Hello Novembre!Premiers jours de pluie et premières angoisses ? Il y a quelques années, je détestais novembre. La ville toute grise, les gens tout gris, le brouillard tout gris… aaargh ! La déprime. Peut-être bien que l’âge m’a rendue plus philosophe, mais surtout, j’ai repris contact avec ce qui est essentiel pour moi. Voici mon ordonnance joie de vivre : 🌳Observer la nature. Regardez, c’est lumineux, novembre…🏔️Monter en altitude. L’énergie de la montagne me ferait sortir d’entre les morts!🥘 Manger des aliments oranges. Les kakis, les courges et les mandarines nous offrent leur joie lumineuse.Évidemment, le mieux, c’est de les cuisiner dehors. Alors, merci docteur Anna, ou va te recoucher ? Racontez -moi vos trucs joie de vivre , je suis toujours aussi curieuse !Vous voulez vraiment changer d’avis sur novembre ? Venez cuisiner avec moi dans les bois. Il est encore temps de profiter de la saison ! #outdoorlife #autumn #fall #fallmood #fallvibes #november #outdoircooking #outdoorcookingjourney #fallcolors
I have a very intimate relationship with Fire.Do you also want to savor and explore your relationship to the element of Fire? Relax for a moment by a flame-a candle flame would be fine. Enjoy the blaze, thank it for its presence, and invite it to shed light on your experiences. Consider these questions and address the answers to the fire itself. Say what is in your heart. Honest answers are right answers. 1.When was the last time you had a really good laugh? 2.How do you feel in hot weather? Cold weather? 3.Do you go "hot and cold" about people? About things? 4.How do you feel about hot food? 5.When have you felt out of control? 6. Does your work bring you joy? 7. Does your family life bring you joy?Can you see where your fire, your passion for life, is strong or where it may be weak? Address the flame once again, and ask it for understanding that will help you perceive where the passion-the fire of your life-is almost gone, dying away, or wanting to blaze forth. Ask how and where you can burn more intensely and joyfully. Finally, sit quietly and allow yourself to feel both the joy and the heartache about what you see in your fire.This exercise is adapted from "Plant spirit medicine" a fascinating book written by Dr Eliot Cowan, I'm studying right now. I'm creating a new, meditative but still yummy experience, based on fire and herbs, and I'm really looking forward to telling you more about it! #spiritoffire #firemeditation #innerpeace #plantspiritmedicine #herbalism #outdoorlife #outdoorphilosophy
To offer you the very best of myself during nature cooking experiences, I need inner peace, centring, a connection with that invisible part of myself that whispers its little secrets in my ear. Once the damage is done, and an ocean of emotions rumbles inside my skull, it's hard to go back...⁣⁣To avoid losing the battle, I have always : ⁣📖 A book in progress⁣👩🏻‍🍳Quelques must-try recipes⁣📚A notebook in which I write, draw and paint⁣🎶 A Tibetan bowl ⁣🌿 Friendly plants to support me, in the form of herbal tea⁣⁣Do you have little habits like this too? Tell me about them in the comments!⁣⁣🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️⁣⁣ Pour vous offrir le meilleur de moi-même lors expériences de cuisine en nature, j’ai besoin de paix intérieure, de centrage, de connexion avec cette part invisible de moi-même qui me chuchote ses petits secrets à l’oreille. ⁣Une fois que le mal est fait, et qu’un océan d’émotions gronde à l’intérieur de mon crâne, difficile de revenir en arrière…⁣⁣Pour éviter de perdre la bataille, j’ai toujours : ⁣📖 Un livre en cours de lecture⁣👩🏻‍🍳Quelques recettes de cuisine à tester absolument⁣📚Un carnet dans lequel j’écris, je dessine, je peins⁣🎶 Un bol tibétain ⁣🌿 Des plantes amies pour me soutenir, sous forme de tisane⁣⁣Vous avez des petites habitudes comme ça, vous aussi ? Racontez-les moi en commentaire ! ⁣⁣⁣#moment  #slowlife  #livesimple #live_authentic #livethelittlethings # #littlestoriesofmylife #momentslikethese #seekthesimplicity #todays_simplicity #liveunscripted  #petitejoys #makemoments #aquietstyle #theeverydayproject #finditliveit #calledtobecreative #simplepleasures
Do you talk to trees? 🌳 ⁣Last week, my daughter and I went for a hike. We'd never taken this route before, and soon found ourselves in a thick forest. The path was narrow, steep and completely covered by tree roots. "A perfect combo for breaking my nose", ⁣I grumbled. ⁣My daughter replied, "I thanked the trees for letting me walk all over them. Poor guys. We've been treading on those roots for ages now!"⁣It was the most incredible thing I'd heard that day. I relaxed, suddenly aware that I too was feeling a little guilty about stepping on their feet... The path, which had seemed threatening, appeared to me in a new light. The trees accepted us into their world. Why hadn't I thought of that!⁣Have you ever tried talking to trees, just a little? ⁣It changes everything.⁣When I took this photo in an extraordinary garden, I thanked the tree for its fruit. We don't always realise that a quickly devoured apple pie is a gift. The apple tree was happy, and so was I. Does mindfulness begin with gratitude? Who knows. ⁣If you come to the forest, we'll talk about it again. ⁣⁣Want to experience this yourself? ⁣Join me for an outdoor cooking experience! The trees, fire and me are waiting for you.⁣⁣Next date : 12 November & 5 December⁣⁣⁣⁣#apple #appletree #gratitide #outdoorinspiration #outdoorcooking #talking #mindfulness #mindfulcooking⁣#mindfulliving #innerpeace
Little by little, the first signs of coolness are setting in, the first leaves are turning yellow and I realise that I'm dying of impatience. Yes, autumn really is here 🍂⁣It's always a privilege to share a culinary encounter in nature with you. And memories that will stay with us forever.⁣Last year, we enjoyed the incredible colours of the forest, perfectly matched to the colours of our dishes.⁣We dined in the comfort of the hut, with the soft light of candles to make our eyes sparkle.⁣And then... so much more. Laughter, conversation, relaxation. ⁣There's not much time left before winter arrives. ⁣So come along! The fire, the forest and me, we're waiting for you.⁣⁣Next dates: 12 November and 5 December 2023⁣Next winter date: 21 January 2024⁣⁣🍁🍁🍁⁣⁣Petit à petit, les premiers signes de fraîcheur s'installent, les premières feuilles jaunissent et je réalise que je bous d'impatience. Oui l'automne est vraiment là 🍂⁣C'est toujours un privilège de partager une rencontre culinaire en nature avec vous. Et des souvenirs à jamais inscrits dans nos coeurs.⁣L'année dernière, nous avons profité des incroyables couleurs de la forêt, parfaitement associées aux couleurs de nos plats.⁣Dîné dans le confort de la cabane, avec la douce lumière des bougies pour faire briller nos yeux.⁣Et puis... tant d'autres choses encore. Des éclats de rire, des discussions, de la détente. ⁣Il ne reste plus beaucoup de temps avant que l'hiver arrive. ⁣Venez! Le feu, la forêt et moi, on vous attend.⁣⁣Prochaine date: 12 novembre et 5 décembre 2023⁣Prochaine date d'hiver : 21 janvier 2024⁣⁣#outdoorcooking #outdoorinspiration #together⁣#keepitwild #optoutside #getoutstayout #unforgettable #theoutbound #outdoorlife
Testimonial 🙏🏻⁣Sometimes there's nothing more to say... just let my guests express themselves. So beautifully expressed. Many thanks ⁣to Uli @ulivanneyghem for her friendship and her lovely pen that tells so well what we share. ⁣The next experience will take place on 12 November.⁣I look forward to meeting you. ⁣As always, the link to book is in the bio. ⁣See you soon 🌲🔥⁣⁣🪵🌿🪵⁣⁣Témoignage 🙏🏻⁣Parfois, il n'y a rien à ajouter... juste laisser mes invités s'exprimer. C'est si joliment dit. Mille mercis ⁣à Uli @ulivanneyghem pour son amitié et sa jolie plume qui raconte si bien ce que nous partageons. ⁣La prochaine expérience aura lieu le 12 novembre.⁣Je me réjouis de faire votre connaissance. ⁣Comme toujours, le lien pour réserver est dans la bio. ⁣A bientôt 🌲🔥⁣⁣⁣#outdoorcooking #cookingtogether #together⁣#firecooking #camplife  #lownslow⁣#outdoorlife  #outdoorfun  #outdoorrecreation #keepitwild #momentooff #outdoorinspiration  #happymomentsinlife  #optoutside #canaloff #followmefaraway #getoutstayout
Cake on a campfire 🔥 Squash, carrot and dried fruit cake: my favorite for autumn experiments 🍁What else do I love?  Seeing your pride when it comes out of the "oven", accompanied by its hand-whipped cream and wood-fired coffee...Before it arrives on the table, you often tell me that "you're not much of a dessert person" or that you've already "eaten a lot". But once it's there? That's another story! Thanks to @ulivanneyghem and @ko_va_ne for preparing this one for us! I'm looking forward to discovering the gifts of the next pastry chefs... Book soon! Like every season, finally, autumn is short 🍂🥮🥮🥮Gâteau sur un feu de camp 🔥 Gâteau à la courge, carottes et fruits sec: mon chouchou pour les expériences de d’automne 🍁Ce que j’aime aussi ?  Voir votre fierté lorsqu’il sort du « four », accompagné de sa crème fouettée à la force du poignet et de son café au feu de bois…Avant qu’il n’arrive sur la table, vous me dites souvent que « vous n’êtes pas très dessert » ou que vous avez déjà « beaucoup mangé ». Une fois qu’il est là ? C’est une autre histoire ! Merci à  @ulivanneyghem  et @ko_va_ne d’avoir préparé celui-ci pour nous ! Je me réjouis de découvrir les dons des prochains pâtissiers… Réservez vite ! Comme chaque saison, finalement, l’automne est court 🍂#cake #outdoorcooking #pumpkincake #carrotcake #cookinginthewild #cookinginthewoods #firecooking