Cooking on a snowy campfire and confronting the elements

"The power of nature lies not only in its beauty but also in its hostility, and there is much to learn from bad weather. These challenges can put a smile on your face and bring you closer to family and friends."

Francis Mallmann, Argentinean cook

Lighting a fire in the wilderness and cooking in bad weather might not seem very tempting at first. However, as Francis Mallmann points out, it is an experience that brings enormous joy to those who try it.

Confronting the elements

Most of the time, we shelter from the rain and snow under big umbrellas, run to the movies as soon as the slightest cloud appears on the horizon. The city winter is a real curse, full of slush, gray and dirty, wet shoes, closed faces. And yet, bad weather can be so different. Wonderful, inspiring, soothing. You just need the right clothes, a fire, a meal ready to cook, friends to keep you company.

Feel differently

I have spent many days in nature, alone or with friends and family, testing the recipes I wanted to share with participants in my nature cooking events. In all weathers. Each time, with frozen fingers and skin on fire from the wind, I tried to imagine their reactions. For me, it's easy. As soon as I smell a fire, a cast iron pot and the forest around me, I am perfectly happy. Life is here, and I'm fine with that. But them?

The miracle of the meal around the fire

It was my first experience. It was December. It was snowing hard that day. The familiar landscape quickly turned into a fairy tale forest. My guests arrived, not knowing what to expect. It was not easy for them! Lighting a fire in the snow, preparing vegetables in the cold, when even under cover, the snow is gradually covering all the ingredients...All this without knowing each other, without knowing anything about the people you are going to share this meal with. I waited for the "miracle of the meal around the fire". And it happened. Once settled in the cabin, around the table and the snoring fireplace, everyone started talking. Laughter erupted. I was happy, amazed and reassured.

An experience to share

Want to know what they thought? Here is what one of my guests wrote: "Gathered around a nice table, warm in a cabin, we all ate together and shared a wonderful moment. It was as if this experience around the fire had created an unexpected complicity between us.

If you too feel like discovering this unexpected complicity while cooking on a campfire, join me for an upcoming event. Fire, nature and I are waiting for you.

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