Connecting to your inner artist

Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible

Paul Klee

"Does she think she's an artist or what?" That little murderous phrase wasn't even meant for you. But it did make its way into your brain, didn't it? 

This was the case for me for a long time. An artist is a really serious thing. A person who has a long training in art, a sense of colors, sounds or space. Obviously, she drinks (or worse...), so that inspiration comes more easily. She chains herself to her table to force herself to write deep stuff. All this is very suspicious, even dangerous! No, of course not, I don't think I'm an artist, how horrible! 

Yet we are all born artists. This artist lives in us and accompanies us all our life. It is thanks to him that you found how to make that wonderful cheat sheet that saved your average in math. It's thanks to him that you wrote that concrete resume, capable of getting you the moon. That you found the right words to fit that new team. And why? Because before, you were a Sioux Chief, an actor in Hollywood, a writer in Paris... It's in your head that all these skills were created, thanks to the games proposed by your inner artist when you were still a child, always ready for a good dose of fun in your company. 

Unfortunately, we are ungrateful beings. That's just the way it is. We all forget what our artist has done for us. The cheat ticket? A stroke of luck. The resume? Good thing I had this great book! Team integration? But that's natural, I always know how to find the right words. 

But the artist is not discouraged. He simply bides his time. When I realized that without his help, I was losing my creativity and intuition, two precious gifts that I used in my professional and private life, I decided to go and meet him. To ask him for his help. He is a nice guy, he gave me the necessary help. My life has changed... for the better. 

How do you meet yours and add that little bit of spice that will make you creative and connected to your deeper self? I'll give you three tips that work every time.

Practicing mindfulness photography

To practice photography as an artistic reconnection, forget about technique. For once, your phone will actually serve a purpose. Instead, focus on your senses: seeing, hearing, smelling. Through your senses, your vision will expand, and your intuition will tell you what you want to photograph, and when.

Use the nature around you to create an ephemeral work of art 

Go into the forest and look around. What would make you want to make art? Flowers to decorate the picnic table? A mandala made of natural elements around you? Dare! Rest assured, your artistic intentions have not been announced in the New York Times. So you can quietly create for yourself, chat with your inner artist and do something a little crazy. 

You can also take the opportunity to share your artistic joy with those around you. Art practiced with the intention of connection allows us to readjust our connection with those around us.

Get into the kitchen, if possible in the open air! 

Making something with your hands is good. Making food is even better, since it will nourish your body. But making food in nature, with the fire as your playmate, will put you in a state of active meditation: suddenly out of time, your rational mind will be able to devote itself to itself, while you play with your inner artist. 

If you too want to discover the power of active meditation, to rediscover your inner artist while cooking over a campfire, join me for an upcoming event. The fire, the forest and me, we are waiting for you.

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