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Culinary meetings around the fire

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Ready for an encounter with fire?

Join me in the forest for a day of fire, shared cooking and encounters with nature. In "slow" mode, we'll sit around the fire, intuitive herbal tea in hand, cook together using local and seasonal produce, share a meal prepared together and enjoy the extraordinary peace and beauty of nature around us. In a small group, you'll share an adventure, take the time to rediscover the people you love, make new acquaintances, strengthen the bonds that unite us all and experience the pleasure of an encounter with fire.

Duration: one day from 10:30 am to 5 pm

Privatized experience

You want to book a day to share only with your family or friends? Contact me.

An art from the mists of time

This experience is for anyone who wants to learn about the magic of bonding and outdoor cooking, regardless of their previous level of knowledge. 

This day is for you if :

You want an experience that connects you to yourself, but don't know where to start
You want to share quality time and unforgettable memories with your family and friends
You feel the need to re-establish or create a close and authentic contact with the people you love 
You need to breathe and take a break from your busy work and stressful life
You are curious to rediscover a way of cooking and sharing that has been practiced by humanity since the dawn of time


Welcome and artistic relaxation in the forest.

Creating your own intuitive tea

Starting a fire without matches

Preparation of the meal

Creating a table decoration with the nature around us

Sharing of the meal prepared together.

Reunion with a new energy

To take with you

Closed-toe shoes, suitable for outdoor activities.

Clothes adapted to the weather: raincoats in case of rain, a hat and gloves in winter, a hat and sun cream in summer

About me

Rekindle your inner fire

My name is Anna and I will be your guide for this day.

Today, I'm the creator of the wood-fired cooking workshops. And before that? A career in human resources and professional writing, a thousand and one things to do every day, obligations piling up one on top of the other... One day I realized I was feeling empty, tired, disconnected. I was losing my joie de vivre, my creativity and my intuition, precious gifts that I used constantly in my professional and private life.

I took the time to re-evaluate my choices. As I thought about it, I went back in time. What did the little girl like to do? As a child, I had a deep and intense relationship with fire and wood-fired cooking. I was living in a Moroccan village at the time. 

My parents had given me permission to create my own fire pit at the bottom of the garden, and to cook "dishes" for the neighborhood children and my family. Around the fire, we spent happy, noisy afternoons enjoying my creations. Friendship and fire are inseparable. That's how my love of cooking and my relationship with fire came about.

Philosophy of fire

The workshops were born out of this realization: in a highly urbanized, goal-oriented, productivity-driven world, we have lost our connection to our intuition and wildness, but also to our community. 

Yet there's a simple, perfectly natural way to restore the balance: light a fire in nature and prepare a meal together. These primal gestures reactivate a million years of history between humans and fire. Sitting around a fire together gives strength to the group and a legitimate place to each individual.

 Fire has always been a symbol of security, warmth, light, and a link with the world and others.

Philosophy of gesture

"Making", working with raw material with one's hands, renouncing the use of electricity, helps us connect to the emotion of the gesture, to the inner and emotional link we weave with the world.

Cooking over an open fire is a wonderful excuse to revisit our roots, to symbolically reconnect with the thousands of generations before us.

To light a fire without matches is to experience a ritual of preparation in which all the elements participate: the forest, the stone, the humidity, the wind... everything counts and teaches us to do without intermediaries between nature and ourselves.

These gestures are a kind of "active meditation" through concrete and pragmatic action. It is also a process: you will have to set your intention, take confidence, adjust your gesture to receive fire and food, these precious gifts of nature.

By cooking in nature on a fire prepared by yourself, you will short-circuit your rational vision to enter in the feeling, the touch. The mind will let go and allow you to experience your natural balance.

Gift Certificate

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what they say


Thank you for providing a moment of pause and contemplation. The forest, the creation of fire and conversation has a way of recentering us just when we need it. A great day.
I couldn't have spent this Sunday in better ways, the experience is so enriching and inspiring, everything is very well organized on the timing level, pace, workload, recipes (all organic and local ingredients!). I truly recommend this workshop for singles, couples, families or work teams !
I had a wonderful experience thanks to Anna. We were a small group. We lit and tended the fire and then cooked our meal from appetizer to dessert. We laughed a lot and learned a lot... Gathered around a nice table, warm in a cabin, we ate together and shared a wonderful moment. It was as if this experience around the fire had created an unexpected complicity between us...
Create encounters and recharge. Sitting together, telling stories, listening to stories and from the bottom of my heart so much honest laughter. Including glowing cheeks and shining eyes from fire, wine and laughter. This day was very nutritious for me on the top of the amazing food. Soul food so to speak. We went home full, happy and satisfied like a brestfed child.
Family time is magical and precious, especially when you consciously wish to stop the time in a beautiful nature spot in the middle of a forest in Canton Vaud to keep the moment and inscribe the memory within you for ever. A special time to connect with your body, the people around you, nature, and your soul.
For me, nothing compares to spending these moments with my own family, myself, and my surroundings, exploring and awakening all my senses, using creativity to decorate our table with the flowers, leaves, and pine tree cones we could find around us, and tasting the different flavours of fresh food slowly cooked on fire outside the Refuge des Râpes, a wood cottage that looks like the one of Hansel and Gretel, tasting my own special blend of herbal tea while listening to the rushing of leaves and birds chirping
That was just an amazing experience, we will remember for a long time! Open fire cooking is a delightful method of preparing your meals, which takes you out of the kitchen, is far more attractive and social, and produces tastes your stove never could!